… the Art of Living, Learning and Loving.

MYA is a collaborative, evolving approach to living a fulfilled, meaningful, happy, and abundant life with vitality, while giving back to our community, and protecting the earth for sustainable positive future.

It is a modern yogic art that takes and incorporates the best of what we have learnt from all before (yoga, pilates, biomechanics, movement arts, psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, martial arts, movement arts, posture, nutrition, health, abundance, wisdom, management of time/finance, leadership  etc.)

MYA is open source ( that is a philosophy, or pragmatic methodology that promotes free redistribution and access to an end product’s design, ideas and implementation details). We encourage people to become involvement in its development and distribution, to make the world a better place for those that inhabit it.

MYA encourages practitioners to develop a quest for knowledge and wisdom through continual learning and an open and peaceful mind. It helps understand peoples different perspectives, paradigms and maps of the world, and creates personal shifts to new empowering paradigms of confidence self belief and the desire to leave only ones footprints and a positive legacy on those whose lives they have touched and empowered to do the same.

Live your life with the strength that is within you

MYA promotes well-being  through the health of the mind body and spirit and using these three to make good decisions and great choices while understanding the difference and future impact.


MYA’s ultimate goal is to create a better world for all to live in by giving humans the tools they need to live life with passion, compassion, peace and love.