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What is Budokon

Budokon (bu-do-kon) translates directly in Japanese as (Bu) warrior, (Do) way, (Kon) spirit or “way of the spiritual warrior”. Budokon is a yogic, martial arts and living arts system. Founded in 2000 by yogic and marital arts master Cameron Shayne, Budokon is the first and only art form to integrate yoga, martial arts, and meditation into one complete system.

Greg Downing Budokon Peacock and Rolling Wave

Our Mission:

At Budokon International, we are committed to the continuing evolution of global consciousness by teaching the physical, emotional and intellectual skills essential to enhance performance and bring balance into every field of human endeavour. What We Teach:  Our students learn to master the 6 pillars of the Budokon system:

1. Thoughts
4. Environment
2. Emotions
5. Nutrition
3. Relationships
6. Fitness

These are the six most important areas of our life. Under each pillar, we cover a wide variety of topics including brain development, language, cognition, belief systems, ego-states, relationship patterns, physiology, biomechanics, dietary guidelines, environmental sustainability, yoga, martial arts, meditation techniques, and much more. As you progress in belt rank you build upon the base knowledge you have learned from the previous work.

Our Teaching Model:

Our talented faculty of teachers spans 3 continents. We certify teachers from diverse movement backgrounds at their local levels to spread the art form and develop their own following of students.

The Aim Of Budokon

The Aim of Budokon is to expand the awareness of individual consciousness and thereby expand the awareness of the collective consciousness. To accomplish this intention we need to audit our minds, seeking out limiting beliefs that cause us to suffer in every area of our lives. In order to do this we must have a methodology. Budokon provides a specific life coaching method by teaching us to identify the fears of survival residing in our animal natures and transcend those fears towards our evolved self. Obstacles such as ignorance, intolerance, attachment, and selfishness are overcome by means of the Budokon practices. Budokon thus cultivates an ongoing zen state or single mindedness that helps us to free the mind from limitations.

The universe is a product of opposing forces: the static principle (yin, rest, Shiva, Yoga) and the dynamic principle (yang, movement, Shakti, Martial). The external part of all energetic beings is the dynamic and the internal is the static. In a dynamic state energy becomes unorganized and distorted and only in the static state of rest can the energy reorganize itself. Energy undergoes many changes, gets distorted, and then reorganizes itself during the period of rest. Thus a process of creation, preservation and deconstruction, reorganization and re-creation continues forever. Budokon believes that this universal truth exist in the physical world and applies to all energetic beings.

Budokon recognizes that desire is the motivating force behind these opposing forces.

Budokon Oct 2012 Yoga Show

Many other spiritual sciences teach the renunciation of desire. They attempt to overcome desire through asceticism (abstinence from worldly pleasures). One is then left with the paradox that to achieve a state of non desire, one must have a strong desire to be without desire. Budokon asserts that desires are natural and as long as we are in the physical body we will have them.  Therefore, it is the goal of Budokon to teach right action with desire rather the renunciation of it.


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