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MBT has a number of excellent teachers and instructors who work with us on our holidays and providing workshops. Please see the profiles.

If your would like to work with MBT please get in touch.

Greg Downing Profile

Greg Downing

Founder of Mind Body Tribe. Greg has had various jobs and roles in life from a Naval Office to Life Guard. Is presently working on being a human being rather than a human doing… a fine balance. He teachers yoga, is a life coach, sports massage and muscle balancing therapist as well as mediator and lecturer.

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David Sye

David is of Russian descent, the son of a scientist mother and an international Artiste/Performer father, Frankie Vaughan. He began his practice of Yoga as a direct result of suffering from ulcerative colitis and a spastic colon. He discovered Tibetan healers and worked with them, and their healing practices saw that on his return doctors were unable to find the tumours. He felt better than he could ever remember, and this completely changed the course of his life. From then on yoga became his life’s focus.

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Aneta Grabiec

Aneta lives by the mantra ‘let me show you how your body is designed to feel! She is a London based Wellness Coach; Yoga Instructor, Nutritional Therapist, Detox Expert, Mindfulness Facilitator, snow and fresh air lover. She is on a mission of taking you to new places and sharing new experiences; running her wellness retreats all around the world.

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Bryan Gohl

Over a decade of passionate wellness studying has lead Bryan to experimenting and learning about all sorts of lifestyle protocols.

From a high protein diet and dedicated commitment to the gym to a vegetarian diet and 11 year long yoga practice, Bryan has experienced many ups and downs in his physical energy and well-being and this lead him to keep learning and experimenting.

From this experience, Bryan was lead to study the high fat diet quiet closely and implement the suggestions into his own life, more specifically, the lifestyle protocols put forward by Dave Asprey and The Bulletproof Diet.

The Bulletproof Diet is actually a holistic lifestyle approach paying very close attention to all the aspects of well-being, namely the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our humanity.

Experiencing such profound changes and improvement in his own life and sharing some of the practices with close friends and family, and seeing equally impressive changes, Bryan was inspired to help as many people as he can to feel better, have more energy and live a healthier life.

Bryan is a Bulletproof coach in training and is excited to share his experience and to help others feel as good and energised as possible!



Austin Norris

After a series of sports injuries as a teenager left me with horrible posture and debilitating chronic pain, I started studying the body and practicing rehabilitative movement to feel free in my body again.

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Melanie Ashley

Melanie is a registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance UK. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance UK.

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Beko Kaygee

Owner: F3- Tai Chi & Chi Kung Academy

Academy Director Beko Kaygee was featured in E4’s TV Series ‘Made in Chelsea’ and has written articles for several mainstream and web-based magazines. An international Presenter of Fitness and Holistic Health and a former Tutor and Assessor for YMCAfit, Add-on Fitness, Free Spirit Tai Chi Association and Tai Chi UK.

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Ryan Carldon

Ryan Carldon Profile Director of Budokon UK, Ryan began his training at the age of seven in the Martial arts, studying various forms throughout the years, he became intrigued by the similarities and connection with yoga and in his early 20’s pursued further knowledge.

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Shaura Hall

Shaura Hall

Shaura Hall has a wealth of experience in addictions. She has been working to deliver yoga and relaxation in the recovery field since 2009. She is a trained Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention facilitator and addictions recovery coach. As well as being a Yoga Therapist, a kundalini yoga teacher, she is also a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and runs a 200HR Hatha Teacher Training Course. Shaura is currently working towards a BSc Hons in Health Sciences with the Open University, a certificate in supervision and regularly takes short yoga courses to support her journey.

Shaura understands how yoga can assist in recovery from direct personal experience. After years of addiction, she became relapse free in 2002 and began practicing yoga regularly as part of her recovery. Following a deep spiritual transformation through yoga, she decided to become a yoga instructor and has trained in the kundalini tradition since 2007. In 2011, Shaura trained with the Minded Institute developing further skills that helped her more effectively work with those who struggle with substance abuse. During that training (with Heather Mason), she studied the neurobiology of addiction, which has greatly influenced her understanding of addiction as both a physiological and a psychological process.

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Sarah Lo Profile

Sarah Lo

Sarah  is a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) with Yoga Alliance UK, the highest level of Certification awarded to teachers, having completed both RYT 200 & 500 hour training with Yoga Alliance USA and now with over 6000 teaching hours experience.

She is also a Certified Yin & Yang Yoga Teacher having completed a further 500 hours with Sarah Powers Insight Yoga Institute (IYI).

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Matt Allen

Matt is The Yoga Health Coach who is a yogi living in Brighton and swims at 5am in the sea all year round.

He has worked in the health and fitness industry since 2003 as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor and managed the day to day running of the spa gym onboard Carnival Triumph.
He teaches yoga in the form of slow flow mind body vinyasa a style that has been born through my experience of many styles of yoga and training in many styles of yoga.
He was rtained at the Institute for integrative nutrition (Foods, Nutrition, and Wellness Studies) 2012
He also studied in at the University of Gloucestershire achieving a Bachelor’s degree in Leisure management with combined studies 2003
Matt is now working with his Simply Wild program helping people connect with themselves, nature, healing, energy and their wild authentic side to embrace life’s challenges with an intuitive approach.


Ivan P. B. do Amaral

Ivan is in a constant flow between learning, experiencing and teaching. From a work perspective you can say he is a Teacher, Therapist, Trainer, Mentor, Coach and International Presenter.

Internationally he has worked with professional training organizations from the UK, USA, Japan, Spain, Greece & Portugal, as well as several Health Clubs, Hotels and equipment brands. He has been part of management teams, been involved with development & implementation of training programs, teaching classes & coaching individuals, with particular emphasis on holistic training programs, plant based nutrition, mind-body, movement/exercise therapy and application of mental training techniques and energy principles to physical training (both land and aquatic).

He practices yoga for 20 years mainly following the teachings of Krishnamacharya both in yoga and in yoga therapy. His main direct teacher has been Paul Harvey and he recently received a certificate in recognition of his training and work in the field of yoga therapy by the International Association of Yoga Therapists. He is also an experienced massage therapist usually combining  manual and energy techniques depending on the needs of the individual. He is part of several educational Yoga DVD’s & publications, holds a Masters in Exercise Science and was part of the Department of Sports & Exercise Science and Sports Therapy (current University of Bedfordshire, UK). Ivan holds numerous certificates in yoga, massage, sports and fitness areas.

From early on in his work he has been involved in bringing ancient knowledge together with current scientific research in a format that can deeply benefit our life today. This path has included several forms of therapy, movement training, energy work and personal development. Currently he lives in Crete, Greece, were he focuses on several aspects of Spirituality, Yoga, Ai-Chi, Movement, Therapy, Science of Happiness and Plant Based Nutrition.


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