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Preventing Common Yoga Injuries

Preventing Common Yoga Injuries with Proper Alignment & Corrective Exercise [60, 90, 120 min]


In this 1 hour workshop, Austin Norris will be discussing common yoga injuries, corrective exercises to prevent them, and alignment tips to improve the safety and effectiveness of your yoga practice. 

Workshop Objectives:

1) Learn to identify and correct common alignment mistakes in Standing, Balancing, Arm Balancing, Forward Folds, Back Bends, Twists, & Seated Postures that lead to injury.



2) Deepen your understanding of common yoga injuries & how to prevent them with corrective exercises. Some of these injuries include: Wrist compression, ankle sprains, disc herniation, shoulder impingement, knee meniscus/ligament damage, & hyper-mobility injuries.


3) Learn alignment tips and exercises to improve the overall safety and effectiveness of your practice.


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