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MYA Master Class & Principles of Living

MYA Master Class & Principles of Living (3 hours)

The aim of this workshop is to help people develop a practice that incorporates the basic skills needed to develop a healthy mind and body,, to live a happy and fulfilled life with meaning.

MYA Practice (90 min)

In this class we will run though an hour and a half of MYA practice, lead by Greg Downing. This is a blended approach to the art of movement using Yoga, Pilates, HITT, and postural alignment to develop, maintain and improve the health and performance of your body and mind.

MYA Practice Review (45 min)

We will then run through the practice looking at the different training principles used during the practice and how to develop and progress them. Q & A session.

MYA Principles of Living (45 min)

We will then look at the MYA Principles of Living and how to apply these to living a happy and healthy life. There will also be a chance to reflect on your own real life challenges and how to apply the MYA Principles.

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