Ivan P. B. do Amaral

when the Heart is gently opened
when the Ground is felt in its supportive role
when the Back flows and stands in all it´s might
when the Mind is steady, uncluttered, without judgement, in the seat of the soul
the Light that is us can shine from the pale exterior of our physical appearance
And Beauty comes forth
And the Voice of our Soul is free to soar vibrating for all existence.”

Ivan is in a constant flow between learning, experiencing and teaching. From a work perspective you can say he is a Teacher, Therapist, Trainer, Mentor, Coach and International Presenter.

Internationally he has worked with professional training organizations from the UK, USA, Japan, Spain, Greece & Portugal, as well as several Health Clubs, Hotels and equipment brands. He has been part of management teams, been involved with development & implementation of training programs, teaching classes & coaching individuals, with particular emphasis on holistic training programs, plant based nutrition, mind-body, movement/exercise therapy and application of mental training techniques and energy principles to physical training (both land and aquatic).

He practices yoga for 20 years mainly following the teachings of Krishnamacharya both in yoga and in yoga therapy. His main direct teacher has been Paul Harvey and he recently received a certificate in recognition of his training and work in the field of yoga therapy by the International Association of Yoga Therapists. He is also an experienced massage therapist usually combining  manual and energy techniques depending on the needs of the individual. He is part of several educational Yoga DVD’s & publications, holds a Masters in Exercise Science and was part of the Department of Sports & Exercise Science and Sports Therapy (current University of Bedfordshire, UK). Ivan holds numerous certificates in yoga, massage, sports and fitness areas.

From early on in his work he has been involved in bringing ancient knowledge together with current scientific research in a format that can deeply benefit our life today. This path has included several forms of therapy, movement training, energy work and personal development. Currently he lives in Crete, Greece, were he focuses on several aspects of Spirituality, Yoga, Ai-Chi, Movement, Therapy, Science of Happiness and Plant Based Nutrition.

“That which cannot be destroyed”  

We take a Yoga Therapy perspective as applied to a group class setting, and we focus this special Masterclass on promoting awareness, balance and healing to the physical and energetic bodies by working with the chakra and panchamaya systems. We will focus specifically on the heart chakra  (anahata)  using a combination of postures & movements (Asana with various modifications & variations), breath & energy exercises (Pranayama), simple sound work (Mantra), Mudra, Nyasa and meditation (Dharana-Dhyana).

This Masterclass is appropriate for all levels of ability and will include time for questions and exploration of the principles covered. You will be given a printed version of the practice were you will have the opportunity to note specific modifications applied to you, so that you can further explore this inner work on your own time.