How to Reset a Human Being

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How to Reset a Human Being

Human species for a reason cover the linguistic and semantic content of being.
Being not doing is the primary goal of our existence, however daily multitasking and mundane living makes us more of doers than beings.
Yoga, meditation, mindfulness and other practices help to bring that being back and here is what I have experimented with and implement into my life that works so I invite you to try for bringing your being back.

  1. ‘YOU TIME’
    Daily ritual with no excuse.
    Clear out the regular window in your daily schedule for ‘YOU TIME.
    This investing in yourself is non negotiable. It will make you a better parent, partner more successful employer and human being!
    How? On the days you can, make that ‘YOU TIME’ longer self-affair ( morning lay-in,relaxing bath, longer meditation, yoga session), on the other days make it even few minutes in the sun or savouring your favourite tea.
    Switch the outer world off and indulge in that present here and now ‘YOU TIME’. Make the most of it and apply it daily!
    Arrange a healing appointment.
    Be it a yoga class, a massage, acupuncture or any body or mind holistic therapy.
    If you can afford, do it weekly. Otherwise schedule it fortnightly or even once a month.
    Just do it, schedule it. You owe it yourself!
    If you think you cannot afford it, let me tell you that you can!
    Skip a drink night once a week for a month or swap another shopping spree for an evening with a book in the interest of your finance and personal growth.
    If you still can’t afford it, think of skills swap. We all have skills that are needed by the holistic therapists. Find yours and offer them to those who need your expertise in exchange for the treatment.
    (I’m always happy to offer my Wellness toolbox for media/marketing/IT brain 🙂
  3. YOGA
    I’m not flexible enough? Try yoga.
    I didn’t like the teacher? Try another class.
    The answer is: give it a go.
    I swear by yoga. Not by my Cirque de Soleil flexibility but by the feeling of spaciousness it creates in my body and mind.
    The response vs reaction to life, the awareness and presence of my breath in anything I go through in life.
    Yoga determines my words, actions and nutritional choices. It mutes that inner critic and makes me apply more self-love.
    Go, try it, do it!
    ‘’Nature never did betray the heart that loved her’’ so wise the greatest William Wordsworth was!
    Nature heals. We need it to recharge. To breath, to destress. To slow down.
    Do yourself a favour and find few minutes daily for a stroll in your nearby park.
    Or drive, take a train to the beach, forest, mountains destination?
    Or if you like sharing the nature, you can join one of our hiking/walking retreat/nature retreats too!
    Lucky are those who live in the country, and feel how important that relation with the nature is for us. Nature gives integrity.
    If it’s out of my control, I should not worry. Worrying ages us. Makes us sick and does not improve our relationships with the others. Affects our wellbeing too, causing sleep disturbance, food intolerance or even indigestion and obesity. Worrying is not cool.
    I use all the mentioned above techniques, practices, rituals to stop me from worrying and to help me to detach from it.
    It is somehow human to be prepared for the worst so it certainly should be human to aim for the victory too?! I invite you to dig into some NLP, Positive Thinking Psychology and meditation to worry no longer.
  6. “NO”
    Learn to say NO so your YES will mean something.
    For obligation, upbringing, cultural expectations, we assume that we always must say yes and we end up with overworked, stressed and burnt out human doer.
    To strengthen your no and make it clear to you; imagine that everything you are committing to is going to happen next week, would you still be able to say yes to it?
    Feel within yourself, when you are not ready to say yes and simply don’t say it!
  7. PLAY
    The day has 24 hours: 8 for sleep, 8 for work and 8 for play. While this division may be questionable, the daily time for play should not be!
    Find the time every day to be playful. Indulge in with your food for example; use taste, touch and vision to sample it. Appreciate the colours and sounds of the nature around you. Apply mindfulness into your daily living to make that daily living more playful.
    This life you were given is only one so to live it in quality moments is to single task and indulge in the presence.
    I know there is so much going on facebook, twitter and everywhere else but will you really missing out when you say no to something and slow down for self-reconnection?
    Asking is not a sign of weakness but the proof vulnerability and vulnerability is trendy. To be vulnerable is to be human and humanity is attractive.
    Asking for support does not show dependence but invites to interdependence. By asking for help and accepting it we create for the others the opportunity to give, to be of service and that is a valuable gift to offer. It creates the connection and motivates the others to reach out and allows them to ask for what they need.
    Social media, smartphones, technology can not only be overwhelming but also exhausting.
    Omnipresent and unavoidable. It is high time we started to control it before it totally controls us! I apply daily switch offs for the meal times and 2 hrs off before bed time and frequently practice digital detox. I encourage you to try to check for yourself how much time you will gain and the world will not stop and invite you to our DIGITAL DETOX RETREAT to create no social media obsessed and pressed living.

Kudos to conscious living, to human being

The Wellness Designer x
Aneta Grabiec