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Budokon classes run every Saturday 1030-12 with your Tribe Leader Greg Downing at Manor Farm, Granary Yoga Studio, Brogborough, Bedfordshire, MK43 0YD

Budokon is a blend of Zen Mediation, Yoga, Life Science, Martial Arts, Movement Arts.

Master Classes

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We select our Tribe Leaders based on their experience , knowledge and passion for their subject matter expertise. Master Classes are typically 1h30/2 hours long with 15min to chat to the Tribe Leader afterwards for questions. The classes are in class format with no real time to stop and ask questions. You will however be guided through the practice/session with lots of knowledge sharing, tips, adjustments and learning for the body and mind.


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We have a large range of workshops to help everyone develop their knowledge to improve health and happiness. Our workshops are also a great opportunity for teachers to help extend there knowledge and understanding to help others. Our Tribe Leaders have a wealth of experience and knowledge in there areas of expertise and a passion to share.

Our workshops are typically 3 hours or Day workshops (7hours) which gives Tribe Members the opportunity to emerge themselves in the teachings absorb the knowledge and ask questions to become really clear with there understanding to then put the knowledge into practical use. Spending this time our our knowledgeable Tribe Leaders is a real privilege as they are normally teaching in London or other parts of the world.

Holidays / Retreats

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Our Health and Happiness Holidays / Retreats are designed to pass on knowledge to accelerate change toward a better life, for yourself , those close to you, your community and environment. We aim to take you out of the rat race, off the treadmill and give you a space to look inwardly, practice, learn and also have an amazing fun, happy holiday of great memories that will stay with you forever. We have at least two Tribe Leaders to accompany you on your journey and to pass on their knowledge, insight and wisdom. We hope you also share your spirit, love, knowledge and wisdom too and make new friends and connections.

Our holidays / retreats are typically a long weekend, week, 10 days or two weeks depending on location travel time and flights.

Our holidays cover a large range of activities (yoga, meditation, mindfulness, movement arts, life science, life coaching, tai chi, Pilates, martial arts, hiking, walking, trekking, spa, skiing, snowboaring). Please check each holiday for details.

 “Health and Happiness Holidays” -Mind Body Tribe (MBT)

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Sun 30 JULY  MBT Workshop: Budokon in the Park – Greg Downing  

24-29 AUG MBT Holiday: Cycle from France to Spain-  Cycling, Yoga and Surfing.

Sat 9 SEPT MBT Workshop: Yin Yang Yoga – Balancing Your Yoga and Life – Greg Downing

13-20 SEPT MBT/WD Holiday: Montenegro – National Parks, Beach : Hiking, Beach and Yoga 

Sat 30 SEPT MBT Workshop: Come Fly with Me (Series 1 of 7) – Greg Downing 

7-10 OCT MBT/WD Weekend Retreat: Spain, Barcelona  – Yoga, Beach & Culture

Sat 14 OCT MBT Workshop: Simply Wild – Matt Allen

Sat 21 OCT MBT Workshop: Bridget Kramer Woods-A Day of Two Workshops

                      MBT Workshop: Playful Hip Openers and Hand Balances -BKW

MBT-Workshop: Therapeutics of the Shoulders -BKW

24-26 NOV MBT/WD Weekend Retreat: UK – Seven Sisters, Sussex Coast: Digital Detox and Yoga

Sat 28 OCT MBT Workshop: Diet and Biohacking for Beginners- Bryan Gohl & Greg Downing

Sat 4  NOV MBT Workshop: Floating: Defying Gravity with Float Throughs and Flying Frogs –Greg Downing

Sat 18 NOV MBT Workshop: Wellness for Winter (Body, Breath, Nutrition)- Greg Downing, Aneta Grabiec

Sat 9 DEC MBT Workshop:  Health with Raw Chocolate, Wine and Yoga-  Aneta Grabiec / Greg Downing 

Sun 10 DEC MBT Workshop: A Day with David Sye and Yoga Beats

“Being in balance and flow in Mind, Body and life, from a place of love is the art of yoga”- Mind Body Tribe (MBT)


Sat 6 JAN MBT Workshop: Lean Health and Happy (Series 1 of 7)- The Art of Yoga, Nutrition, Lifestyle and Fat Loss- Greg Downing

10-20 JAN MBT/WD Holiday: Sri Lanka, Tour : Deluxe Culture Nature Yoga Adventure (4 Star)

8-12 FEB MBT/WD Holiday: Transylvania : Winter Wonderland Castles, Ski and Yoga 

March MBT/WD Holiday: Bulgaria : Snowboarding, Skiing, Spa and Yoga 

27-30 APRIL MBT/WD Weekend Retreat: UK: MBT Lighthouse Yoga, Walking Weekend

Aug MBT/WD Holiday: Cycle Tour: Cycle and Yoga

12-19 SEPT MBT/WD Holiday: Turkey Bodrum – Yoga, Meditation, Pilates, Tai Chi, Martial Arts

“When we know better, we do better…for ourselves, others and our environment” -Mind Body Tribe (MBT)

Up & Coming To Be Announced


April MBT/WD Holiday: South Africa Johannesburg – Yoga, Safari, Gold Mine, Cradle of Man

TBA MBT Workshop: The Power of Adjustments for Yoga Practice Breakthroughs- Charlie Taylor-Rugman 

TBA MBT Workshop: Better Back Bends- Charlie Taylor-Rugman

TBA MBT Workshop: Strengthening and lengthening- Charlie Taylor-Rugman 


Feb MBT/WD Holiday:  South Africa, Cape Road Trip- Yoga, Safari, Table Mountain, Wine Farm, Penguins 

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