How to Reset a Human Being

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Human species for a reason cover the linguistic and semantic content of being. Being not doing is the primary goal of our existence, however daily multitasking and mundane living makes us more of doers than beings. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness and other practices help to bring that being back and here is what I have experimented with and implement into my life that works so I invite you to try for bringing your being back. ‘YOU TIME’ Daily ritual with no excuse. Clear out the regular window in your daily schedule for ‘YOU TIME. This investing in yourself is non negotiable. It will make you a better parent, partner more successful employer and human being! How? On the days you can, make that ‘YOU TIME’ longer self-affair ( morning lay-in,relaxing bath, longer meditation, yoga session), on the other days make it even few minutes in the sun or savouring your favourite tea. Switch the outer world off and indulge in that present here and now ‘YOU TIME’. Make the most of it and apply it daily! HEALING Arrange a healing appointment. Be it a yoga class, a massage, acupuncture or any body or mind holistic therapy. If you can afford, do it weekly. Otherwise schedule it fortnightly or even once a month. Just do it, schedule it. You owe it yourself! If you think you cannot afford it, let me tell you that you can! Skip a drink night once a week for a month or swap another shopping spree for an evening with a book in the interest of your finance and personal growth. If you still can’t afford it, think of skills swap. We all have skills that are needed by the holistic therapists. Find yours and offer them to those who need your expertise in exchange for the treatment. (I’m always happy to offer my Wellness toolbox for media/marketing/IT brain 🙂 YOGA I’m not flexible enough? Try yoga. I didn’t like the teacher? Try another class. The answer is: give it a go. I swear by yoga. Not by my Cirque de Soleil flexibility but by the feeling of spaciousness it creates in my body and mind. The response vs reaction to life, the awareness and presence of my breath in anything I go through in life. Yoga determines my words, actions and nutritional choices. It mutes that inner critic and makes me apply more self-love. Go, try it, do it! NATURE ‘’Nature never did betray the heart that loved her’’ so wise the greatest William Wordsworth was! Nature heals. We need it to recharge. To breath, to destress. To slow down. Do yourself a favour and find few minutes daily for a stroll in your nearby park. Or drive, take a train to the beach, forest, mountains destination? Or if you like sharing the nature, you can join one of our hiking/walking retreat/nature retreats too! Lucky are those who live in the country, and feel how important that relation with the nature is for us. Nature gives integrity. WORRYING. If it’s out of my control, I should not worry. Worrying ages us. Makes us sick and does not improve our relationships with the others. Affects our wellbeing too, causing sleep disturbance, food intolerance or even indigestion and obesity. Worrying is not cool. I use all the mentioned above techniques, practices, rituals to stop me from worrying and to help me to detach from it. It is somehow human to be prepared for the worst so it certainly should be human to aim for the victory too?! I invite you to dig into some NLP, Positive Thinking...

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Coaching and Mentoring

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Why Coaching or Mentoring? A coach and mentor helps you achieve more than you could have yourself or accelerate your achievements. They also help you overcome obstacles solve problems and develop in the specific areas needed. But what’s the difference? Coaching: Is shorter term, task/goal orientated. Helps to achieve a task or goal, and the skills to achieve them. Its purpose is to improve the individual’s performance. Can be conducted almost immediately on any area/topic. Mentoring: Is longer term, relationship orientated to provide a safe environment where the mentoree can share personal issues. Helps develop work/life balance, self-confidence, self-perception, and how the personal influences the professional and vice versa. Its purpose is to develop the individual for the present and future. Develops leadership and talent. The real value of coaching and mentoring, lies in the process of uncovering and de-layering that leads to identifying the essence of the problem or obstructing belief or paradigm. Types of Coaching and Mentoring Holistic Lifestyle & Health Coaching Life Coaching Relationship Coaching Leadership and Management Coaching / Mentoring Business Start-up Coaching / Mentoring Yoga Teacher / PT Coaching / Mentoring   Holistic Lifestyle & Health Coaching   We investigate the underlying causes of disease and stress, considering the body as a “system of systems.” Using a coaching model, we examine how disease and stress are preventable through healthy eating habits, lifestyle management and appropriate types of exercise. You will understand why every meal, every bout of exercise and every late night has a hormonal consequence. You will be given tools, such as in-depth questionnaires, in order for us to determine your current level of lifestyle and health and readiness for change. No matter what your level of fitness or apparent health, you’ll likely agree that just because someone is not sick, does not mean they are is well! Most chronic diseases take years to develop, but a healthy lifestyle can go a long way toward prevention. Life Coaching Holistic integral life coaching includes everything about the client and the client’s world. We examine the first principle of awareness and uses tools like the Jahari window and other tools from Budokon and Zen Meditation.   We look at what could be brought into view through focused, and understanding of oneself and application of new skills. This is a self discovery journey of how one represents oneself and investigates ones social world, habits, relationship with body, mind, the quality of self-care / love, as well as the amount of focused attention and energy available to take on change.  We examine present values with a focus on meaning and happiness in life. Where there is a misalignment of focus / energy with this we look at creating a strategy to move forward, which often results in a paradigm shift that can radically alter life. The method attends to the individuality of the person as well as the social context in which they are embedded. Our individuality includes our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and intentions as well as everything that is happening to us physiologically. Our social context includes the language(s) we speak, the culturally specific practices we engage in, the relationships we are a part of and the history of the groups we belong to. Additionally, we are always in a shared physical environment that includes nature and human artifacts, and our background, sense of possibility and our mood are shaped by the physical space we’re in. Together we build competence and skills to better face life circumstances. Practically speaking, successful coaching leaves people with the following outcomes: Awareness (self and environment) Ability to adjust perspective or self correct. Self mastery/leadership and long-term excellence...

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Graces Prayer – The Bendy Witch

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Grace’s Prayer Posted on 01/03/2015 You thought you were on a roll You thought you were in control Only to find it was all an illusion From your misplaced delusion That you could freeze time In the relative sublime And while you struggle to pick up The pieces of the grand f*ck up Sands of time slip through your fingers She waits, in the void she lingers Patiently, for you to surrender Praying for you to remember That you are not the changeable But the untouchable Eternal… © Raye – The Bendy...

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2013 Mind Body Tribe Holiday – Turkey Bodrum

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