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Budokon – Art of Transition

The Art of Transition (90 min)

In this workshop we will explore Budokon, yoga asana and mixed movement techniques, focusing on cultivating body awareness and transitions between postures. As much of the yoga practice is spent moving from one asana to another, our focus will instead be on the in-between stages: entering and exiting a posture with much mindfulness and precision, the technique will become the transition itself.
Return to Nature
Learn how your evolutionary past and animal instincts can ignite your yoga practice with power, strength, grace and agility. Playing with specific techniques such as rolling vinyasa, dancing dog, kicking lion, and coiling dragon, we will look at various sections of the art form, taking a trip into the Jungle where we will play leap with leopards, spin with monkeys and, walk with Giraffes! Peaceful Warriors of all levels welcome.

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