Living Loving Learning

Bryan Gohl


Over a decade of passionate wellness studying has lead Bryan to experimenting and learning about all sorts of lifestyle protocols.

From a high protein diet and dedicated commitment to the gym to a vegetarian diet and 11 year long yoga practise, Bryan has experienced many ups and downs in his physical energy and wellbeing and this lead him to keep learning and experimenting.

From this experience, Bryan was lead to study the high fat diet quiet closely and implement the suggestions into his own life, more specifically, the lifestyle protocols put forward by Dave Asprey and The Bulletproof Diet.

The Bulletproof Diet is actually a holistic lifestyle approach paying very close attention to all the aspects of wellbeing, namely the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our humanity.

Experiencing such profound changes and improvement in his own life and sharing some of the practises with close friends and family, and seeing equally impressive changes, Bryan was inspired to help as many people as he can to feel better, have more energy and live a healthier life.

Bryan is a Bulletproof coach in training and is excited to share his experience and to help others feel as good and energised as possible!


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