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Austin Norris

Austin Norris


After a series of sports injuries  as a teenager left me with horrible posture and debilitating chronic pain, I started studying the body and practicing rehabilitative movement to feel free in my body again. When I turned 18, I decided to take this journey to the next level by moving to Toronto to start a career as a movement therapist and pursue a post-secondary education in fitness.

Within weeks of starting my career, I noticed that most trainers prioritized training for aesthetics and heavy lifting over functional performance and overall well being. I noticed that many individuals were experiencing more pain and restrictions in their body as they spent more time in the gym. I decided to dedicated my training practice to improving posture and quality of movement while guiding  my clientele on a journey to develop a strong mind -body connection and the physique they’ve always wanted.

I quickly became the go to trainer in my network for training clientele with debilitating injuries, chronic pain, and poor posture. As my client’s posture improved and pain reduced, building a strong body and lean physique became an easier process.

The more efficiently the body moves, the harder it can perform without injury, and the faster it will recover. I knew then that optimizing movement patterns and aligning posture was the key to successfully helping people build the body they’ve always wanted.

I’ve spent the last 7 years studying to find new ways to optimize movement outside of conventional personal training techniques. The result is Primal Motion, a practice that combines elements of Corrective Exercise, Manual Therapy, Yoga Therapy, & Physical Conditioning to build strong & healthy bodies that have mastered movement as nature intended.


Austin Norris

Movement Therapist, Yoga Teacher, & Lifestyle Coach

Primal Motion
Master Movement As Nature Intended


George Brown College:

Advanced College Diploma in Fitness & Lifestyle Management – June 2010

– Graduated on Dean’s list with academic achievement awards in: Kinesiology, Muscle Physiology, Exercise Physiology, & Client Centered Exercise Prescription

– Research Assistant for John Griffin (GBC Professor & Author of Client Centered Exercise Prescription) for his Functional Mobility Screening in Adults 50-70 Years of Age project.


The Yoga Sanctuary Education: (

Arm & Hand Balancing with Karen Cove (10 Hours) December 2013 
Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training  with Cynthia Funk (15 Hours) 
November 2013
Experiential Anatomy with Sue Ravazzolo (20 Hours)
September 2013

250 Hour Yoga Teacher Training May 2013

CHEK Institute Education: (

CHEK Practitioner: Level 1 – In Progress

Advanced Program Design – 2013

Equal But Not The Same: Considerations For Training Females  – 2013

Scientific Shoulder Training – 2011-2012

CHEK Exercise Coach – March 2012 

Scientific Back Training – 2011-2012

Scientific Core Training – 2011-2012

Program Design – 2011-2012

CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach
 – October 2011

Manual Therapy:

NeuroKinetic Therapy : Level 1 & 2 – October 2014 & February 2015 (

Function Integrated Therapy Institute: Fascial Abrasion Technique  – April 2011 (

Function Integrated Therapy Institute: Certified Performance Taper – Oct 2010 (

Eldon Z. Wingay: Neuro Flex Balancing – 2011-2012 (


Other Fitness Related Certifications:

Current CPR & Standard First Aid – Renewed annually since Oct 2006

Can-Fit Pro: Personal Training Specialist – Aug 2007 (

Kettlebell Training Specialist: Level 1&2 – Nov 2008 (

Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology: Certified Personal Trainer – March 2010 (

Paul Gagne: Test It, Fix It – Applied Posturology  – May 2012 (

Scientific Flexibility Training: PNF Stretching  – May 2012

Thomas Myers: Anatomy Trains In Training – May 2013


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